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Qualities of a Road Chaplain
Road Chaplain Introduction

Becoming a Road Chaplain

Welcome to you all we believe the reason you have visited this page is because Holy Spirit has moved on your heart to do so. We are a non-denominational ministry with a desire to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life’s every where we go.

We would like for you to be able to answer this question before you fill out an application.

·        Has the Lord placed into your spirit this is a calling he has placed in you?

·        Is this your desire to share the good news as you go about traveling the country?

·        Are you willing to dedicate your self to the Lords work each and every day?

These are hard questions for some to answer and for others very easy when your answer is yes Then here is the process to becoming a Road Chaplain. 

1.     You will need to participate in a monthly conference call. The reason for conference call is to share scripture, prayer request, share what is going on with you out on the road, help work through different situations you are encountering and to learn from other road chaplains. Be able Praise God for what he has done through other chaplains. Being thankful for how God is using other chaplains to help lead other people to Christ.

2.     Read materials and books and patriciate in conference calls for spiritual growth. These calls will be led by a chaplain.

3.     We believe practical experience is one of the most productive tools in the learning experience.    

4.     Fill out an application you will find a link for it on this page. After we have received the application and prayed over it, you will receive a call to setup an interview.

5.     Here are some things we will ask you to do after you start the process.  

You will be asked to sponsor the Ministry $100.00 a Month, this will help enable us to go out into the small churches and others that don’t have the means to have an evangelist to come in and preach revivals. 

1.     To Help Supply Materials

2.     To help support the revival and conference ministries.

After 6 months your Photo and contact information will be placed on website under road chaplains contacts.

You will receive a window decal that identifies you as a Road Chaplain

The first one is free

After you have completed 1 year and completed the training program you will be interviewed to become Licensed as a Road Chaplain.  

Excitement of Sharing Jesus - Part 1

The excitement of Sharing Jesus

Excitement of Sharing Jesus - Part 2

The excitement of Sharing Jesus

Sharing Jesus

Paul's take on sharing jesus.

Feel a calling to become a road chaplain?

Please click on the link below to download the application!