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Posted: 1/1/0001
Happy Spring

Happy Spring y’all and God Bless.  As it starts warming up and y’all start driving for vacations and things, I’m going to ask y’all to look at the scenery and what God created for us to live in and take care of until Jesus Christ returns. I love reading the book of Genesis and learning to look at the beautiful scenery in our great nation. I find that looking at people that same way , it makes it so much easier to talk about Jesus Christ and His good news to y’all about it.  This is a challenging position being a Road Chaplin, because there are a lot of challenges when approaching different people and talking with them about their salvation. God create y’all and our world we live in and when I remember and I try to look at the different personalities in each person and remembering that they are also God’s beautiful creations. It makes it much easier to approach a person and start a conversation with them about the Lord Jesus Christ and the love He has for you and me. Until next month, y’all stay safe and May you always remember that the Lord is your pilot and your guidance through your life. I pray for each of y’all to see Christ in the things you see everyday and that you meditate on God’s word everyday.

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