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Posted: 7/7/2022

Good morning Y'all, well I am now driving for a new company and the transition has been very hard, but God is walking me through it. I have been pretty busy with work, but I'm taking time off from work at home now and I want to update Y'all on the things that are going on around our great nation. This last month I had my wife with me on the road and we have seen the hate that is starting to get stronger for us Christians and the love of God in other people. The time is growing near for our Lord and Savior to return for His bride which is the church and the hunger of His children and those who need and are seeking God in their lives. We have to stay vigilant and seek God in everything we do each and every day, because this world will try their hardest to draw us back into its darkness. God says in His word that will be a great falling away from Him and my wife and I have seen the way people are starting to feel that way. But if we do as God's word says, then we as Christians will be rewarded with all the glory of God and His blessings. Satan is definitely working his hardest to pull God's people away from the Lord. I'm sure that Y'all have seen or felt the way people of the world feel about us and how they look at us, but if we stand Firm and fight the good fight we will be rewarded. As a Road Chaplin with the signs on my truck, I see the hate that is growing in the world, because when people of the world see that I am a Road Chaplin, I either get called number one or I can see the hate in their eyes when they look at me. But, when the children of God pass me on the road, they honk at me and wave and that makes it all worth it to have those words on my truck. I have seen in the truck stops how many people are so hungry for God that they will even come up to me and start a conversation with me about the Lord, there have been people that need the Lord that God will put in front of my face for me to pray for or to give them our little wooden coins and a business card so they can go to our ministry website to find all the resources they need. Now that I am getting the hang of my new job, I will be trying to give Y'all an update twice a month.  I pray that each and every one of Y'all will be praying for our country and our leaders and Y'all will have a blessed and glorious week. God Bless Y'all and your families.


Chaplain Paul Cunningham

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