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Posted: 11/4/2022
From the Road

Good morning Y'all, thanks to God for His mercy and grace in our lives. Our God in heaven is always with us as we are walking in His word and receiving what His Holy Spirit has given us. I love Y'all, brothers and sisters in the Lord and I can't believe that it's already October 31st.

 In the next couple of months we will be busy with the holidays, Thanksgiving is a time for us to give thanks for all the Lord has done for us this year. I know, we should be giving thanks to the Lord everyday. But, I also know that this world and the way people try to force us to live like them. But, we have to seek God all day, everyday. As a Road Chaplin and a truck driver, there are many things that Satan will throw into your life for you to lose your joy and peace, but we have to remember that God said that He will never leave us or forsake us ♥️. So we know that promise and we have to start walking in that promise.  Satan is trying to pull us away from God and we need to keep fighting the good fight and stay in the word of God constantly. I have been ill for the last few weeks and haven't been able to update Y'all on what is happening out here, but I'm feeling much better now and I don't have much to say this month. I just want Y'all to remember, God loves each and every one of us and He wants us to stop procrastinating and start walking in His spirit and receiving what the Holy Spirit has already done in our lives. We already have everything in our Spirits that the Lord Jesus has in His spirit. We have to have faith in God to begin releasing the spirit within us. We must have faith that God is God and He is always with us in spirit. We must have faith in God and His promises for our lives. Without God in our lives, there are no promises. If we don't believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we will not be able to go to heaven and live with Jesus forever and ever. We will never be able to talk with Jesus and praise Him and glorify Him for the price He paid for us to be together in heaven. No, instead, we will never see Jesus, because we will be in the eternal death in the lake of fire and then it will be to late for you to receive Jesus in your heart and He will not be your Lord and Savior. There is so much hate in this world and we must stop playing church and start being the church that Jesus is coming back for. We can't be lukewarm Christians, because if we don't start becoming what the Lord has called us to be, Jesus will never except us. In the day of judgment, Jesus will say that He never knew us well then we will be in the lake of fire for all eternity

I had to go to Columbus, Ohio for my DOT physical and I have to give praise to my Lord and Savior for helping me to get a 2 year physical. Our God is so good to us, but just remember that God is always with us, He will never leave us no matter what. Anyway, I pray that Y'all will have a blessed Thanksgiving with your families and I will be back next month. God Bless Y'all in everything you do for God  

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