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Corp Chaplain

We have a Chaplain's office, which is located at a leading trucking company in Oklahoma City.  Our chaplains have experience, or background history in the Trucking Industry.  They perform a wide range of services to the drivers, such as spiritual counseling and special helps.  Special helps can include transportation from the trucking yard to appointments, and personal errands the driver might need to take care of.  Chaplains help solve problems the driver encounters while being away from home, and clocking miles across the road.  In fact, the truck driver finds a friend in our chaplain, who is interested in helping with whatever assistance the driver needs.  The Corp Chaplain can even provide marriage counseling and perform weddings.  Our chaplains are ready and willing to meet the needs of truck drivers on a daily basis, be it simple transportation, driver-family needs, spiritual counseling, prayer, or attending a church service while on the road.    We are here to spend time with the drivers, helping them with both spiritual and trucking needs.

The Chaplains Office is located in the Trucking Company drivers area, and is an oasis, a place for services, visiting, or an escape to a little quiet time.  We have devotions and reading materials available for all truckers and employees.  We welcome and receive many prayer requests from drivers and trucking industry employees alike.  Our function is the Church.  Our Chaplains, pastor the drivers while they are out on the road away from home.   At times, this is the only Church association some drivers have.  We are here to help people reconnect with the Church, providing services that are not easily available to over the road truck drivers.  We are on site Tuesday through Sunday, with Sunday Services, Bible Studies, and Fellowship.  Emergency contact information and phone numbers are provided for the drivers who need immediate, or emergency help.

Road Chaplain

The Road Chaplain serves in a very unique place in the Trucking Industry.  Road chaplains are out there with people of all kinds of different backgrounds and belief’s.  They serve in an environment of people who are constantly in a hurry, and on a tight schedule.  They are watched by many to see what they will do in an unsettling circumstance.  How will they act, like a Christian would act, or like the world acts?

During the day, a Road Chaplain will talk with dispatchers, brokers, load planners, shippers, receivers, fuel stop employees, scale masters and other drivers.   Each of these people think, act and react differently from each other.  There is always an opportunity to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  Sometimes it is just asking a simple question, giving a smile, or answering a question.  There are times of fellowship with other drivers, helping each other with questions about their walk with the Lord.  Then there are times when the Lord will send people to them.  I remember times when people would come up to me and say, “What’s with this Jesus thing?” or say, “I need what you have.”


I especially praise the Lord for our Road Chaplains because they are an outreach that is very expedient in connecting with the drivers, as well as others outside of the chapel.

Renewal Services

Renewal Services is an outreach ministry laid deeply in our hearts by the Lord.  The purpose for the Renewal Services is to stir, awaken the Church.  The focus is on the members of the body, to awake them to the individual calling God has placed on their lives.  With the Leading of the Holy Spirit, they will recognize the position they have been called to while serving in the body of Christ.  There will be a stronger uniting with each other in the body of the church,  raising up more people, and reaching out to each other and  communities to help those in need.


We believe in the power of God to save, heal, deliver and baptize in the Holy Ghost.  We believe when the body is united together, and actively serving the Lord in His Fullness and Power, the Church will flourish beyond any plans they could have made.  All of this will be caused by becoming a living body in Christ Jesus, with Leaders who are listening closely to the Direction of the Lord.


We also believe that all renewal services are to be Spirit Led into whatever direction the Lord takes us. We also lead Teaching Conferences in Steps of Faith and Holy Spirit.


Come let us see what God wants to do in your Church!